INGEMA s.r.o. company profile


The company was founded in 1994 by Mr Marek Michajlo and his wife Mrs Ingrid Michajlova (on the basis of trade license issued by the district Office in Michalovce). Since its establishment, the company was dealing with retail and wholesale sales of plumbing materials for water, sewer, gas, heating equipment and complete equipment of bathrooms.

In the same year we opened the first retail shop in Sobrance with just two employees.

In 1997, we opened a second retail store in Michalovce in rented premises at Masarykova Street.

In 1998 there is an expansion of wholesale assortment of Czech brand RAVAK and thus extend the scope from regional to nationwide. We also develop cooperation with Polish manufacturer of sanitary – CERSANIT. During this period company has 10 employees.

The year 2000 brought a significant milestone in the company´s history by crossing turnover of 100,000,000, – Sk. ( 3,319,392, – € )

The most important year in the company’s history is 2003, when the company buys its own area on Močarianska Street in Michalovce. Followed by, an extensive reconstruction of purchased complex, retail store, office building and warehouse space. September 12th 2003 was the official opening of own business and warehouse space in a newly renovated operation in Michalovce:

  • size of the retail store and showroom 3 200 m2
  • size of the internal storage space 7 000 m2
  • outdoor storage areas and parking 10 000 m2

Same year INGEMA Company Marek Michajlo as individual was transformed into a limited liability company called INGEMA Ltd. At that time the company had 45 employees.

Furthermore Company began cooperation with another important partner, manufacturer of tiles – Ceramika Paradyz.

In September 2004, the company INGEMA Ltd. becomes 100% owner of its major supplier and manufacturer of sensor, control water company Aquasenzor Ltd. Kosice. In doing so INGEMA Ltd. significantly expanded range of customers throughout Slovakia.

Another milestone in this year was exceeding the turnover of 150,000,000, – Sk (4,979,088, – €).

In 2006 INGEMA Ltd. significantly extends the range of wall and floor tiles suppliers from Spain, Italy, Germany, China and Poland. Moreover, we introduce a new information system BARIS from KASO Technologies Ltd. Number of employees rises to 55.

Since 2007, the scope of INGEMA Ltd. extends to construction activities. Annual turnover exceeds 300,000,000, – Sk (9,958,176, – €).

In 2008, our firm significantly strengthens its position on Slovak, Hungarian and Czech markets. INGEMA Ltd. is becoming one of the market leaders in sales of floor and wall tiles. At the same time there is the launch of our own wood processing on the production of sanitary partitioning walls, urinal screens and washbasin counters. Annual turnover exceeds 13,000,000 – € and the number of employees reaches 75. The company becomes the holder of the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000 for commercial, construction activity and the production of furniture according to ISO 9001:2009 which has been awarded by EURO CERT SK, Ltd.

Thanks to the dozens of suppliers and thousands of customers within the EU, in order to build the most efficient business environment, INGEMA Ltd. received for its efforts in 2009 Diamond Award for Slovak business dynamics as the most dynamically growing businesses of Eastern Slovakia awarded by weekly magazine PROFIT and the Company Enterprise Investors.

By opening a branch in the provincial city of Kosice in 2010 we are proud to be the largest and we believe the most beautiful bathroom studio in region.

For our wholesale partners we implemented in 2011 the Internet platform B2B, making our services again further extended and improved. The following year, INGEMA Ltd. strengthens its position of construction activities and investment projects.

Year 2013 became a turning point in the history of INGEMA Ltd. We built new retail and office space, opened a new store of construction products, where we can now offer to customers a complete range for their construction or reconstruction. By supplementing the wood processing manufacture custom made kitchen, bathroom and interior furniture covers we also cover the demand for indoor facilities. That year we achieved three historic milestones:

  •  turnover of over 17,000,000, – €,
  •  employed more than 100 employees, making us one of the largest employers in the region,
  •  sold more than 850 000 m2 of tiles, making it the sovereign market leader in sales of tiles in Slovakia.

In 2014, we expanded our warehouse space by more than 2 000 m2, and a sampling site with an area of approximately 1 000 m2 was set up, where more than 15 000 pieces of tiles are sampled annually.
We placed more than 1 500 racks and sampled almost 70 stores.

The carpentry workshop with an area of 520 m2 was reconstructed. Its reconstruction absorbed the investment of more than 60 000 € and technical equipment with the support of the European Union in the amount of more than 165 000 €. The carpentry workshop deals with the production of custom-made furniture, kitchen units, built-in cabinets and products made of artificial stone – washbasins, kitchen worktops and others.

This year, the company achieved a turnover of 15,5 mil. €, which was an increase over the previous year by 10%.

INGEMA has been mentioned in several media.
They wrote about us in the professional magazine Stavebný Almanach as a leader in the sale of tiles in Slovakia.
An interview with the company’s owner Marek Michajlo in the January issue of the prestigious Forbes magazine cannot be overlooked.

In 2015, the company achieved a turnover of 13,5 mil. €. The total area of leased space is 6 668 m2. The company also has its own sales, storage and office space with a total area of 1 679 m2. Premises for business activities thus represent a built-up area of 8 347 m2 and paved areas cover an area of 6 150 m2.

The general reconstruction of the sales premises, where we created almost 70 real bathrooms, rightly put us on the first place in the status: THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BATHROOM STUDIO in Slovakia.

Expansion of construction activities to turnkey constructions, where the company acts as the main contractor for the construction of industrial buildings, houses, cottages or reconstruction of buildings with a focus on laying tiles, paving, plumbing and heating distribution for larger buildings as a subcontractor.

The company acquired tangible fixed assets – machines for furniture production in the amount of almost 140 000 € to expand its activities and in response to the increased demand for carpentry products. The production of furniture is mainly focused on the production of sanitary partitions and cabins for sanitary facilities, as well as on the production of bathroom furniture, office furniture and custom-made furniture according to individual customer requirements. The successful introduction of this production confirms our interest in the market even with the recorded year-on-year increase in turnover. In furniture production, the company’s intention is focused on product innovation and growth of competitiveness.

In May 2016, we expanded the company’s business activities with a TOOL RENTAL for domestic and professional masters, which is located on the premises of INGEMA. The rental shop offers a wide range of professional tools, working machines and DOKA formwork.

We reconstructed the bathroom studio in Košice, where we rebuilt the existing cubicles according to the latest trends and thus created the right inspiration for our customers.

In the bathroom studio in Košice, we opened the kitchen studio with model kitchen units, which we produce on the most modern machines in our own carpentry workshop.

In 2017, the company achieved a turnover of more than 22 million €.

In the spring months, we moved our wholesale warehouses to the newly renovated warehouses, creating a new INGEMA logistics center with an area of more than 10 000 m2.

In September 2017, after a complete reconstruction of the premises in Bratislava, we opened the first Bratislava showroom with an area of more than 200 m2.

In the hockey season 2017/2018, the company joins the management of the hockey club HK DUKLA Ingema Michalovce as a general sponsor, where with the active participation of the top management of INGEMA s.r.o. the first title of the champion of the first hockey league is won after 32 years.

In 2018, the company exceeded the turnover from its main activity of more than 23 million €.

After 3 years, we are revitalizing the sales premises of the showroom in Michalovce, where most of the exhibition cubicles are being reconstructed and replaced. The reconstruction also affected the showroom in Košice.

In the hockey season 2018/2019, the company continues to lead the hockey club HK DUKLA Ingema Michalovce, in the finals it defended last year’s title of the first league champion and in the playoffs it is historically advancing to the highest hockey extra-league competition in Slovakia.

In March 2019, we opened our fourth retail store in Trenčianska Turná on an area of more than 200 m2, and on July 1, after a general reconstruction of the premises, we open the fifth showroom in Žilina. On an area of more than 600 m2, we exhibited a completely new type of showroom in the MY HOME style with more than 30 cubicles.

The year 2020 was largely marked by the pandemic of the new coronavirus, which slowed down the development of our company a bit. In the prematurely ended hockey season of the highest hockey league, our club – as a newcomer, took an excellent 7th place. In February, we opened a new store in Trnava with an area of up to 1 000 m2 in the MY HOME style. We consider this showroom to be the showcase of our company and many architects who come from all over Slovakia consider it to be the most beautiful showroom in all of Slovakia.

We also replaced almost half of the model bathrooms in the central showroom in Michalovce with new ones. We have improved the IT infrastructure by migrating services to the cloud. We redesigned the website to a new modern style and moved a significant part of our marketing activities to the online space. We scanned all stores into 3D virtual tours.


Marek Michajlo
Chief Executive Officer

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Mgr. Ingrid Michajlová
Executive Manager

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Sales department

Marko Michajlo
Sales director
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Jozef Bercík
product manager – sanitary ware
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Michal Michajlo
product manager
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Peter Pastornický
sales manager - Regions of Bratislava and Trnava
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Mgr. Ivo Sninčák
sales manager – Regions of Banská Bystrica, Košice and Prešov
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Ing. Peter Poročák
Sales Manager – Nitra region
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Mgr. Elemér Füzesséry
sales manager – Hungary
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Kornél Kiss
sales manager – Hungary
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Zsolt Koroknai
Sales manager - Hungary
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Tomáš Lopatka
product manager
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Ľuboslav Chvasta
product manager
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